School Credits

How It Works?

Kala Star students will register with Vlearn ( Vernon’s Distributed Learning School. Distributed Learning Schools serve the province of British Columbia students. Distributed Learning Schools focus on providing high quality, Ministry of Education approved courses delivered in a variety of learning formats. Not all students fit into the traditional school structure or expectations. Distributed Learning Schools provides the same B.C. Curriculum as traditional Public Schools so students who wish to proceed to high school, Tech Schools, Universities or other post-graduate programs have the same credentials as those students attending a traditional school program.

Goals of Distributed Learning Schools:
  • to provide an individualized program and education plan
  • to fulfill the learning outcomes prescribed by the Ministry of Education
  • to provide resources that support the learning outcomes
  • to provide and support an alternative, flexible education program
  • to encourage intellectual growth and assess and document that growth regularly
  • to provide access to certified teachers
  • to provide access to programs, classes and activities which support the curriculum

Distributed Learning students must comply with Ministry of Education guidelines, which state:

  • learners are required to follow the prescribed learning outcomes of the BC Curriculum and meet the required areas of study
  • learners are required to attend to their schooling on a full time basis, although the specific hours and times may vary
  • students must be formally assessed three times per year
  • resources must reflect the BC Curriculum and be Ministry approved or approved upon consultation with staff
  • resources used as part of the educational program or for assessment purposes must not include religious-based materials
  • educational program is directed and supervised by a BC certified teacher