Our Learning Environment

Kala Star Academics and Outdoor School offers our grade 5-7 Self-Directed Learners the opportunity to complete their Distributed Learning in an environment where vast amounts of learning takes place for the mind, body, and environment in our community.

Here is what is available at our location for your academics:

  • With the Mind and Body  connection awareness we want to provide an environment that  allows you to work on your balance, endurance, core strength (Build a base) while you work on your schoolwork.
  • Take a physical break or stretch when you need to. Students are encouraged to bring their own yoga mat.
  • Numerous exercises and accessory equipment for those physical outlet study breaks. We always need to nourish the brain with blood movement!
  • Learning facilitators who are a BC Certified Teacher,volunteers from our community, and local experts to help the learning process.
  • Transportation to all hands-on learning opportunities.